Dr. Ashurina Ream (Psyched Mommy)
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Show Notes

On this episode of Her Digital Brand©, we interview Dr. Ashurina Ream, founder of Psyched Mommy. Dr. Ream explains how she uses online workshops to reach and teach her audience.

On this episode...

(1:00) - Dr. Ream gives some background on her digital business.

(3:31) - Dr. Ream discusses how she came up with the name of her digital brand.

(6:39) - Dr. Ream explains how she navigates potentially taboo topics.

(10:04) - Dr. Ream discusses the power of authenticity.  

(11:43) - Dr. Ream explains when and how she decided to monetize her brand.

(15:13) - Dr. Ream shares how she transitioned from courses to workshops.

(18:06) - Dr. Ream discusses how she gets parents to invest money on themselves.

(21:59) - Dr. Ream explains how they created their workshops to provide immediate pain relief for their audience.

(23:07) - Dr. Ream shares the biggest challenge she faced in growing her brand.

(25:56) - Dr. Ream discusses the temptation of comparing her product to other brands.

(28:13) - Dr. Ream explains whether she would do anything differently with her brand.

(31:34) - Dr. Ream shares how she’s had to learn the business side of her brand.

(36:14) - Dr. Ream shares a recent purchase ($100 or less) that has positively affected her business or life.

(37:56) - Dr. Ream shares what platform or app her business could not live without.


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