Madison Pinebird (Mother Figure)
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Show Notes

On this episode of Her Digital Brand©, we interview Madison Pinebird, founder of Mother Figure. We're going to cover her journey from personal fitness trainer and community builder to online digital brand entrepreneur. Madison will give practical tips for getting the most out of social media and being true to your authentic self online. You can follow Madison on Instagram (@mother.figure) or on her website (gomotherfigure.com).

On this episode...

(1:04) - Overview of the Mother Figure brand and Madison Pinebird.

(3:10) - Madison’s transition from in-person events to a digital brand. 

(5:28) - Timeline of starting the brand.

(10:25) - Madison’s challenges for trying to carve her niche in a competitive field.

(15:52) - Key areas to Madison’s success. 

(17:34) - Ways Madison has differentiated her brand from others in her space. 

(20:31) - Sharing personal vs educational content on social media. 

(22:14) - Why people crave personal stories from digital brands. 

(24:37) - Practical ways to share personal stories on social media. 

{27:28) - How Madison differentiates content between stories, posts, and reels. 

(32:23) - Madison’s recent purchase of $100 or less that’s positively impacted her life. 

(34:30) - The platform Madison’s business couldn’t live without.


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