Katie Taylor (Child Life On Call)
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Show Notes

On this episode of Her Digital Brand©, we interview Katie Taylor, founder of Child Life On Call. Katie gives us a unique perspective on how to custom-develop an app from scratch. You can follow Katie on Instagram (@childlifeoncall) or on her website (childlifeoncall.com).

On this episode...

(1:08) - Katie gives an overview of her digital brand.

(4:15) - Katie discusses the platform of her business.

(7:32) - Katie describes her full app development and all that it entailed.

(11:36) - Katie gives advice on what someone should look for in an app company.

(14:44) - Katie discusses some surprises she encountered in finding the right app company.

(18:02) - Katie explains what “sprints” are and how they work.

(19:32) - Katie discusses how much her original vision has changed to what it is now.

(20:41) - Katie shares what she would do differently with her app now.

(23:40) - Katie discusses which kinds of apps are not meant for all people.

(27:06) - Katie shares how she’s using her app within her business model.

(33:24) - Katie shares which recent purchase ($100 or less) has been the most impactful to her.

(35:47) - Katie shares which software or app she uses that she could not live without.


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