Tiffany Tippin (Mommy Labor Nurse)
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Show Notes

On this episode of Her Digital Brand©, we interview Tiffany Tippin, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mommy Labor Nurse. Tiffany is going to give us jam-packed episode on the business of digital brands. We'll get the inside scoop on what it's like to run a highly-successful digital brand. You can follow Mommy Labor Nurse on Instagram (@mommylabornurse) or on their website (mommylabornurse.com).

On this episode...

(1:31) - Tiffany describes the business: Mommy Labor Nurse.

(3:08) - Tiffany describes how the business got started.

(7:54) - Tiffany describes the evolution of the business.

(10:16) - Tiffany explains where she was at personally/emotionally at the start of the business.

(13:05) - Tiffany describes the transition from bedside nurse to business leader.

(14:32) - Tiffany describes what she’s most proud of in regards to the evolution of the business.

(18:26) - Tiffany explains how bringing clarity and cohesiveness to her digital brand helped the business.

(22:12) - Tiffany describes having a central focus in their niche and how it helps the business.

(25:50) - Tiffany explains the importance of touch points to reach their audience.

(30:06) - Tiffany explains how creating a “sticky funnel” has helped her digital brand.

(35:27) - Tiffany explains the process for crafting their newsletter.

(39:46) - Tiffany explains how diversifying “traffic” has protected their business.

(40:25) - Tiffany talks about what recent purchase (under $100) has had the most impact on her.

(42:26) - Tiffany discusses what software or app the business could not live without.


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