Intro to Her Digital Brand
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Show Notes

Welcome to Epsiode 0 of Her Digital Brand©! In this episode, we'll give a bit of background of what you can expect from us, an intro to your hosts, and what's coming up on the show.

On this episode...

0:19 - Welcome to Her Digital Brand©!

0:50 - Why two guys have created a podcast for women and female-led brands

2:50 - Meet Brad Bishop

3:44 - Meet Kyler Nixon

4:20 - Our intention is to interview female founders, leaders, and experts of digital brands

5:00 - Each week, we'll drop two episodes

6:41 - Get weekly shownotes at kylercreative.com/podcast

6:55 - Submit a guest (or yourself) at @kylercreative on Instagram


Get weekly shownotes at kylercreative.com/podcast

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